Schlumberger StimCADE 4.01

Schlumberger StimCADE 4.01

StimCADE is the right software for acid work processes. Acid working is one of the important methods for reconnecting the formation and the well column after the drilling operation. Petroleum engineers are aware that drilling mud is used to drill oil and gas wells. During the use of this mud, during the excavation, the connection between the formation and the well column is cut because the solid particles of this mud gradually penetrate into the formation and finally cause its complete disconnection with the well column. Now acid is used to remove this mud from the wall of the formation. To do this, different acids are used, each of which has its own reasons for use.

This software is able to perform various calculations and simulate acid working operations by presenting the characteristics of the formation and fluid used in drilling operations. All the chemical compounds used in the acid working operation are present in this program and specialists can simulate exactly the desired composition. This program can predict and calculate the possible vulnerability of the acid by knowing the amount of acid corrosion and its effect on the characteristics of the formation. StimCADE is able to perform the simulation process for carbonate tanks with high accuracy.

The software is built with a focus on acid working operations, so all the capabilities provided to facilitate the simulation process are embedded in the program. Oil and gas engineers can use this program well to perform acid work processes in oil and gas tanks. The use of this program makes it possible to perform various tests in a secure software environment before performing physical and error testing of acid working processes in operating environments to reach a general conclusion. This will minimize the costs and risks involved.

Installation guide

After installing, copy the license file to the program installation location or a fixed location and run the program and select the license.

This version is installed on 64-bit Windows 10 and has been successfully activated.

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