Schlumberger Techlog 2015.3 Revision 158051 x64

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Schlumberger Techlog is a very powerful software with a fully integrated environment with all the features needed to process data and display results. The software is able to process data related to  geology drilling and  reservoir Production engineering and geophysics Other capabilities of this software include geology including image log analysis, texture analysis, deep meter log analysis, core analysis and…, drilling including well wall stability analysis.

Features of Schlumberger Techlog software:

  • Studio environment: Software  Techlog at the moment  of  the studio multidisciplinary workflows and collaborate more closely already using  it This remarkable development  has improved the data The studio environment  has features such  as    Notifications repositories and projects are  different browsers and collaboration tools .  
  • Ocean framework:  Extensibility through the development of software Popular Most  features of the software. This change step in efficiency and scalability to open platform software for applications   Innovative and plugin building made possible by third party companies .
  • Techlog platform: Ability to save licenses for use among different people in the company, adding ribbons.
  • Geomechanics:  geo- mechanics
  • Geology: This feature makes the  progress in the workflow algorithms and the ability to extract the page linked in LogView using Moto Graphics is .
  • Petrophysics:  Petrophysics 3D module with local model layer mode and fast neutron EcoScope model forward Has progressed .
  • Drilling:  Drilling analysis includes a breakdown of Operation and Witch drilling to drilling performance and workflow for cleaning holes to date have been .
  • Geophysics: It has  the ability to physics rock includes replacement of fluids Multimineral cutting to speed the modeling  upscaling and amplitude versus angle sound analysis .

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

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Download Schlumberger Techlog 2015.3 Revision 158051 x64

Schlumberger Techlog 2011.2.2 Revision 100227

Download Schlumberger Techlog 2011.2.2 Revision 100227 x86

Download Schlumberger Techlog 2011.2.2 Revision 100227 x64

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