Schoettler CalcTape Pro 6.0.4 Multilanguage

CalcTape is a different calculator for the Windows operating system. This calculator, unlike the default Windows calculator, gives you many features. For example, here all intermediate results are stored even for complex calculations. At each stage of the calculation you can correct the final result by changing the previous results. Suppose you are doing extensive mathematical operations on a large number of digits. Suppose after a few minutes of calculation you realize that in a certain part, you entered a certain amount incorrectly.

In the old methods, because we did not remember exactly where the mistake was, we had to do the calculations from the beginning, but in this calculator all the results are recorded and at any stage we can check whether we have made a mistake or not. If there is an error in the calculations, we can correct the final result by changing the wrong value. All intermediate operations are changeable. Somewhere instead of addition, we subtract, we do not multiply, somewhere we subtract a zero, and things like that, all of this can be changed. The program environment is very simple and has no additional controls. As soon as the program runs, a white screen will open that shows all your calculations and you can apply the desired changes by clicking on the values ​​and operations.

Features of CalcTape:

  • Ability to change values ​​and operations performed on intermediate values
  • Record and save the complete history of calculations
  • Ability to comment on different parts of the calculations
  • Ability to save results in a file
  • Ability to create different templates for computational scenarios
  • Ability to make programmed buttons, for example, to calculate taxes
  • Show parentheses around variables
  • Simple and classic graphic appearance

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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