Sci-fi and Adventure Netflix shows that you absolutely shouldn't miss out

Sci-fi and Adventure Netflix shows that you absolutely shouldn’t miss out

1.Stranger Things

On his way back home, young Will sees something terrifying that leads to his disappearance. Here starts the journey of Will’s three bestfriends searching for him along with a mysterious girl they met in the forest. But, little did they know what they were going to face.

Stranger things is a series of three seasons and soon to be four, each season has it’s own exciting plot. This show is ominous yet exciting. So, honestly if you haven’t watched it yet.. I don’t know what are you waiting for?!

2.The Umbrella Academy:

On October 1, 1989 forty-three women around the world gave birth. This was unusual along the fact that none of these women were pregnant when the day first began, and each of the kids born had a unique super power. Sir Reginald Hargreeves ,a billionaire, resolved to locate and adopt as many of the children as possible, he got seven of them. One of the kids (number five) manages to go to the future… After many years pass he returns to tell his siblings that there will be a world apocalypse in 8 days.

The Umbrella Academy is a series of two seasons and soon to be three. This show is quirky, mind-bending and funny. So you should definitely binge watch it sooner than later.

3.Teen Wolf:

It’s crazy how in only one night…one bite… your whole life could change. Scott McCall a normal high school teenage boy goes to the woods at night with his best friend Stilinski to search for a lost dead body, but Scott gets bitten by a strange animal… The next day his whole life changes, as he suddenly becomes a star athlete in lacrosse and he starts facing changes in his life and body. But he also faces a huge set of problems.

Teen Wolf is a series of six seasons. This show isĀ  suspenseful, dramatic and exciting. Kinda long ha? But don’t worry it’ll be done before you notice!