SciChart SDK

SciChart SDK


SciChart is one of the best chart components for WPF. Before the SciChart link was built, most chart components used the default graphical libraries (provided by the operating system) to chart, which resulted in poor performance when adding more than a few thousand data. While most applications do not need to display thousands or millions of data points, some do. The SciChart component is available for iOS and Android with Xamarin support.


Features and Features of SciChart Component:

  • Includes trading design tools for financial applications
  • Possibility of poisoning and drawing on graphs with brushes and drawing tools
  • Has 3D charts with zoom capability, 3D scene rotation
  • Ability to create a variety of geometric charts such as linear, spherical, circular
  • Ability to display thousands of strings or hundreds of WPF diagrams in one UI without interrupting the rest of the interface
  • Ability to display more than 10 million data in the form of line charts, millions of scattered charts, and… in .NET applications with the ability to update instantly

required system 

SciChart WPF is designed to run on any Windows PC which is capable of running WPF.NET4.5 or above.

Windows versions supported are the same that WPF and.NET4.5 supports, eg Windows Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

.NET Framework versions supported are .NET4.5 and later (including .NET4.5.1, .NET4.5.2, .NET4.6, .NET4.7)




Installation guide

Register the component using the Keygen in the Crack folder.

download link

Download SciChart SDK
Download Sci Chart SDK
Download Sci Chart_SDK
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