Details of the second generation camera under the ZTE display

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ZTE was the first company to introduce the sub-screen camera to the mobile market with the Exxon 20 5G. At MWC Shanghai, the second-generation camera under the ZTE display was also unveiled with a test phone.


For the first time, the Exxon 30 Pro is expected to host a second-generation camera under the ZTE display . In the image below, we see a test sample; However, due to the not-so-high quality of the image, the area covered by the camera is not well visible. But the Chinese company provided details on the Weibo social network.

Camera under the ZTE display

Accordingly, the pixel density of the area of ​​the screen that covers the selfie camera doubles to 400ppi. This will create better integration throughout the panel.

The refresh rate will also increase to 120 Hz; This is while the refresh rate of the Axon 20 5G panel is only 90 Hz.


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ZTE also mentioned the use of 3D structured light technology in the Exxon 30 Pro selfie camera; Something that allows 3D face scanning to unlock phones or make financial payments. This technology is also used in 3D modeling and augmented reality (AR) applications.

Camera under the ZTE display

ZTE claims that the level of biometric security with the new technology is much higher than conventional cameras that use only two-dimensional scanning.

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