SecureBlackbox .Net 16.0.323.0 / VCL 12.0.262 D7-XE7

SecureBlackbox VCL is a suite of software components that allow developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and emails. SecureBlackbox includes the valid implementation of various data security standards and network communication protocols for different operating systems. (Windows, .NET, Linux, MacOS X / iOS, Java / Android). These components are an integrated suite (over 20 packages in 6 versions) of over 200 components and classes, which you can use in desktop applications and server operating systems as well as mobile devices and web applications.

SecureBlackbox is a comprehensive solution that covers all popular Internet-level application protocols and standard and security algorithms. You can have all encrypted libraries in one package. From low-level encryption algorithms to sophisticated digital standards over time and archiving to secure cloud data storage to secure file transfers.

Features and specifications of SecureBlackbox VCL component:

  • Memorization solution: Regular inspections and improvements to ensure reliable security and the fastest possible operation
  • Reliable solution: which provides source code for security checks. Strict adherence to standards and an easy-to-use interface that otherwise complicates the task of providing secure security with SecureBlackbox for easy implementation.
  • Cross-platform solution: which can be used in a wide range of operating systems. Windows, Unix, FreeBSD and Linux server to Windows, MacOS X desktops to Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone smartphones and tablets.

Installation guide

In the Readme.txt file.

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Download SecureBlackBox 16.0.323.0 for .Net 2.0-3.5

Download SecureBlackbox VCL 12.0.262 D7-XE7

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