Seekford .NET Internet Library 2014 v14.3.0.568

Seekford .NET Internet Library 2014 v14.3.0.568

SeekfordNET Library is a powerful library for networking and email. By default, .NET has internal libraries for working with the MIMI, SMTP, POP3, and… protocols. These libraries work well for small applications and regular use. But in some complex programs that require complex network exchanges or the use of protocols such as SNTP, we will need additional coding. This library is designed to meet this need.

There are various wizards in this library to automatically generate code for different protocols and network issues. For example, if you are writing a program to monitor network equipment and want to monitor the health and communication quality of equipment such as routers, servers, switches, etc. in an admin panel, you will definitely need to code for communication processes in the SNTP protocol. But this library has already gone the way you should by providing ready and secure codes. You can easily write SNTP-based programs and have no worries about data loss and و.

Also, for programs that are based on searching DNS servers or need to extract CNAME and اطلاعات data records, there are still pre-prepared codes that you can achieve with just a little customization. Also in the discussion of emails and email clients, the most important issue, namely the authentication of users and the information entered, is one of the issues that the Seekford .NET Library has covered well. In addition, there are many encoders in addition to the default .NET items such as Base64, checksum, crc32, sha1 and که that you can use in the right place.

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