SeismoSoft SeismoBuild 2018.3.1

SeismoSoft SeismoBuild 2018.3.1

SeismoBuild is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of earthquake assessment and retrofitting of buildings. In fact, with the help of this software, you can evaluate and reinforce structures with reinforced concrete frames in an advanced way. In fact, the process of using this software will start with the initial modeling of the structures you are considering, and you can then design very ideal structures by performing engineering analyzes. Support for both metric and imperial units is another feature that makes this software a comprehensive application.

SeismoBuild also uses a fully intuitive interface. You also do not need any configuration, special scripts or external text editors to do your work. On the other hand, the software in front of you is based on the philosophy of BIM (building information modeling). This program has made it possible to implement the evaluation methods defined in the regulations in structural modeling through the required analyzes. Covering the full range of tools needed to make buildings resistant to earthquakes is one of the features of this software.

The modeling that you do with this software is very simple and you can implement the 3D models you want in a few minutes. Enjoying a large library of concrete and steel material models in different types and varieties is another advantage of using this program.

Features and specifications of SeismoBuild software:

  • Enjoy a very convenient user interface and easy access to CAD inputs
  • Possibility of very realistic 3D modeling in the fastest possible time
  • Benefit from a comprehensive library of models of concrete and steel materials in all types
  • Ability to prepare very accurate and comprehensive reports on the results of your projects
  • Existence of regulations that have led to simplification of the use of various parameters

Installation guide

After installation, copy and run the Loader file in the Crack folder in the program installation location.

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