SeisWare 7.04.04 x86

SeisWare 7.04.04 x86


SeisWare is the complete solution for interpreting geological and seismic data. Using 2D and 3D models of this program, analysis and interpretation of seismic data is easily possible. The manufacturers of this product do not believe in plugins to increase the capabilities of the program, and for this reason, they add the required features of the program to the new versions of the software in a so-called factory form. SeisWare is software developed by geologists for geologists, so the solutions provided are completely accurate and expert. This product manages data in industry standard formats, so it is easy to share data with other applications if needed.

Features and specifications of SeisWare:

  • Earthquake propagation velocity modeling and conversion between depth and time
  • Leading in two-dimensional data interpretation
  • Careful planning and solutions for micro-earthquakes
  • Ability to draw based on geological data
  • Visualize data for better interpretation

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

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