Serif Affinity Designer / 1.8.3 macOS

Serif Affinity Designer / 1.8.3 macOS

Affinity Designer is a professional graphic design software for Mintash. This software is one of the fastest, smoothest and most accurate vector graphic design tools for Apple Macintosh users. This program is used for all graphic works, including business card design, banner, website template, icon design, logo, wireframe design of programs, and in a word, for all graphic matters, you can go to this program.

With the help of new hardware technologies such as OpenGL graphics accelerator, support for core chat processors and بسیار, it has provided a very powerful and stable workspace for graphic designers. Due to the support of multi-core processors, the speed of this program on powerful hardware will be multiplied and users will be able to work with very large and highly detailed images.

This software has collected many tools for designing vector graphics that you can use to design any kind of graphic idea. One of the advantages of this program is compatibility with psd files. You can easily open the psd files of Photoshop software in this program and do the desired additional work on it. In addition to psd, other files such as pdf, svg, Ai, Eps and files related to Free India software can also be opened in this program.

Affinity Designer supports various color modes including RGB, CMYK and و, and it is also possible to use ICC color profiles. In this program, like Photoshop, there are basic features such as zooming, moving, cropping, rotating, tools to select, gradients, effects and filters, etc., and you can give new color, glaze and life to your mental design. .

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