Serif Affinity Photo / 1.8.4 macOS

Serif Affinity Photo / 1.8.4 macOS

Affinity Photo is a great image editing software for Mac. This program with its unique features has entered a new era of image editing. Using this software, you can apply all the corrective tasks such as editing, improving, restoring, retouching images and any other task on image files. Photoshop is such an important and popular software that almost all professional image editing programs support the formats created by this software. In this regard, this product is fully compatible with psd files and you can open these files along with the layers inside it in the program and do correction work on it.

Support for different color systems such as RGB for digital work, CMYK for print and less useful formats such as LAB and even black and white is an important feature of any image editing program that is well supported in this program. Color profiles are available for different operating systems and according to different standards, in addition to which you can create other custom profiles and use them in future editions. This program uses the concept of layering introduced by Adobe, which was implemented in Photoshop software, which means that all your changes and corrections can be applied in separate layers on the image.

Each layer can be edited independently like a real image. The end result is a combination of these layers. The color channels of this program support up to 16 bits of color, which can produce the desired number of colors in this range. This software supports most popular formats such as PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS and PDF. In the Affinity Photo toolbar, there are a variety of features for advanced selection, image teleportation, gradients, shapes, color picker, blur tools, brightness enhancement, and

that you can use to modify any type of image.

Installation guide

The information required for the register is given in the text file.

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