Shadow Defender Multilingual

Shadow Defender is a unique software for securing the Windows operating system. How much trouble has your system run with infected viruses, or suspicious programs? How many times have you lost your important information due to carelessness? How many times has software that used to work properly now encountered an error? It is true that antiviruses can increase the vulnerability of the system to some extent, or after data destruction, some data can be recovered using data recovery software. But we know that these solutions are rudimentary and commonplace. Among the backup software , Shadow Defender has an interesting mechanism for protecting the system.

After installation, this program takes a complete image of the healthy state of the system and keeps it in a safe and secure place; Where no malware can reach it. After that, all the writing operations on the disk are done virtually, and whenever you encounter a problem, with a reset and recovery to the last image you have created, everything goes back to the first quiet days.

This method works much better than other solutions and the recovery operation is performed at a higher speed. So with this program, you can rest easy. Browse the web, install any software you like, and don’t worry about operating system crashes. Just be aware that it is better not to put your vital information in the drives that you have taken snapshots or images, because if you do not take images of them during recovery, all of them will be deleted and their chances of recovery will be very low.

Features and Features of Shadow Defender:

  • Prevent all kinds of crashes (operating system crashes, crashes caused by viruses, worms, malware, etc.)
  • Effective reduction of cost and maintenance time of systems (suitable for sufficient and gain)
  • Browse the internet safely
  • Easy operation of the program
  • Quick system recovery to health mode