ShareMouse 5.0.32 Enterprise

ShareMouse is the name of a very useful application in the field of mouse and keyboard sharing. In fact, with the help of this software, you can manage several computers with Windows and Mac operating systems with the help of a mouse and keyboard. This theme will be very useful and practical for people who have several screens in front of them. The way this software works is that you just move the mouse to the screen of the computer you want to control and the cursor will magically jump to that computer.

ShareMouse software does not require any hardware such as buttons or cables. Data transfer and communication between several computers in this software is done through the local network. On the other hand, to maintain security, you can choose a password on the built-in local network. This way you will be relieved that you will not allow anyone to abuse you. It is interesting to know that by moving the mouse and entering the screen you want, the keyboard will automatically connect to the computer you are going to work on.

Other very useful features of this program include the ability to transfer files through Drag & Drop operations. As you know, transferring information from one computer to another has not always been easy. But with the help of this program, you can transfer your desired files between Mac and Windows operating systems.

Features and Features of ShareMouse:

  • Control multiple computers and operating systems with one mouse and keyboard
  • Impressive switching of mouse and keyboard moves to new screen
  • High intelligence and speed in transferring your information and data
  • No need for any additional hardware such as cables and buttons
  • File transfer between PC and Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Take advantage of the ability to share the clipboard on different computers

Installation guide

Once installed, exit the program completely and then copy and replace the file in the Crack folder in the program installation location.

Version 5.0.36 Pro does not have a full crack.

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