SharpPlus Sqlite Developer

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer is an application that can be used to manage sqlite3 database. SharpPlus Sqlite Developer provides powerful tools to help you manage your database: SQL Editor, DB Explorer, Browse Details, and more.

Features and Features of SharpPlus Sqlite Developer:

  • Powerful SQL editor
  • Highlight Sql syntaxes
  • History of Sql
  • Complete the word boundary
  • Matching parentheses
  • Table, Specifications, AutoFill Field
  • Live review of Sql syntax
  • Unicode support
  • Support for ansi, data encryption and decryption utf8 and utf16
  • Customizable mapping data type
  • Execute multiple sql separated by commas
  • SQL Monitor
  • Visual query maker
  • Visual tables, views, trigger and index management
  • View and edit the template as Text, Hex, HTML or bmp, jpg, gif
  • View and edit temporary tables, views and trigger
  • Live update
  • Output data to sql, csv, excel, word, html, xml
  • Import data from csv, sqlite database
  • Extract db schema and data
  • Attach and detach database
  • Find in Schema Database
  • Cancel long queries
  • Supports downloadable formats and virtual spreadsheets
  • Database memory support
  • Multilingual support (English, Japanese and Chinese)

Installation guide

After installing the program, copy the file in the Crack folder to the program installation path.

download link

Download SharpPlus_Sqlite_Developer_4.2.0.552

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