Siaqodb 5.0 Retail

Siaqodb 5.0 Retail

Siaqodb is a built-in NoSQL engine for .NET applications. Siaqodb is written in C #, is platform independent and supports PCL. It has a very simple API and with the least configuration and settings, it is possible to connect and transact with the NoSQL database. Siaqodb has the ability to quickly and efficiently store various objects and documents, fully supports Linq and Poco.

This engine is currently available for .NET, MonoMac, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac and Unity3D environments and can sync Siaqodb client-side databases with server-side databases and cloud CouchDB and MonoDB are available through the SiaqodbCloud open source interface. According to comparisons, this engine has obvious advantages over its competitors such as RavenDB and SQLite, which justifies the use of this engine for programmers.

Siaqodb Features and Features:

  • Ability to store various objects and documents in the database
  • Completely asynchronous APIs (which separate the transaction layer with the database from the main program)
  • Support ACID method in database transactions using powerful LMDB engine
  • No dependency on components and side libraries
  • Support for built-in and additional encryption
  • Ability to run Linq queries on the NoSql database
  • Full POCO support
  • Library portability
  • Ability to load parts of the object from the database
  • Ability to fully store objects, arrays, lists, dictionaries and other .NET data structures
  • Thread security and full support for ASP.NET-based applications
  • Very high performance compared to competitors (such as RavenDB and SQLite)

Installation guide

Use the key in the Key.txt file to register the program.

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