Siemens LMS Samcef Field 17.0.01 x64

Siemens LMS Samcef Field 17.0.01 x64

LMS Samcef Field is software for finite element analysis and simulation (FEM) of mechanical, thermal and thermomechanical systems. The program covers the simplest to most advanced systems in the aerospace, defense and automotive industries and is able to analyze and simulate different types of industrial systems using the finite element method. Using this program, it offers suitable solutions for all static linear problems, modal analysis and buckling problems, dynamic linear simulation, super element specific problems, moving state analysis and shock response spectrum analysis.

In addition to linear problems, it is possible to simulate nonlinear transient problems in this family of FEM Slover. Using this program, it is possible to analyze nonlinear or composite materials, nonlinear geometric states, analyze shape sensitivities caused by frictional contact problems, and so on. This product has a special module for reviewing and analyzing high-speed mechanical systems, with the help of which it will not be difficult to study the linear and even non-linear behavior of these systems.

Thermal simulation of this software gives specialists the ability to analyze transient phenomena such as heat transfer and loss, thermal conductivity, radiation and heat erosion. This software provides engineers with various methods for modeling. These methods include the two-dimensional model of plate stress analysis, harmonic models, multi-harmonic, cyclic symmetry or fully three-dimensional models. One of the interesting features of this program is the possibility of simple switching between different modes of analysis, for example, with one click you can change the mode from linear simulation to nonlinear transient simulation. This software will have high performance during processing by using all processing cores on systems that have such conditions.

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