Siemens NX I-DEAS 6.6 x86

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Siemens NX I-DEAS is a software from Siemens for modeling and simulation of production lines. The program was originally developed by SDRC in 1982 and was widely used in the automotive industry – for example Ford and General Motors – but was later acquired by rival EDS in 2001 and merged with NX, and finally in 2007 at the helm. This product fell into the hands of Siemens.

This program has provided all the necessary facilities for designing, modeling, optimizing, documenting, simulating, manufacturing and testing production lines, so that the design engineer, despite this program, needs almost no other similar software. It is a combination of Unigraphics Nx and I-DEAS, both of which are considered to be the best in the field of computer aided design and construction.

By combining these two programs, Siemens actually provided an integrated and common platform for designing and manufacturing various production lines. This reduces the time wasted by repeated switching between different softwares and makes it possible to reach the final output in less time and does not require you to learn two separate programs.

The graphical environment of this software is powerful and rich. Rich because you now have a wide range of integrated cloud applications instead of the tools of one software. This software has a high ability in modeling parts and it is easy to analyze the most complex industrial parts. The program is also compatible with a wide range of CNC machines and can produce output for these machines. I-DEAS currently has a large share of the global market and is one of the most widely used software in this field.

Features and specifications of Siemens NX I-DEAS software:

  • Have complete tools to produce production lines
  • Possibility of modeling all kinds of industrial parts
  • Connection to most CNC machines
  • Ability to analyze and perform complex calculations

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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