Siemens Simcenter FloTHERM XT 2019.3 x64

Siemens Simcenter FloTHERM XT 2019.3 x64

FloTHERM XT Mentor Graphics, recently acquired by Siemens and a subsidiary of Simcenter, is an excellent software for internal and external heat transfer simulators. This  software is for hydrodynamic simulation of liquids and gases in various industrial parts in transmission and radiation, especially electronic. FloTHERM XT is an ideal software for full use of EFD and a powerful solvent for heat transfer modeling for any complex assembled part. FloTHERM XT in fact by modeling and complete simulation of parts and physical components of hydrodynamic parts and electronic components allows inspection for final assembly. This application allows you to import IDF , PADS model formatsAnd gives.. This software also includes a new module to establish a direct relationship with the company.

Features and specifications of FloTHERM XT software:

– Simulation of internal and external heat transfer

– Hydrodynamic simulation of liquids and gases in different industrial parts

– Full use of EFD and a powerful solvent for heat transfer modeling

– Support for any complex geometric shapes

– Modeling and complete simulation of physical parts and components

– Support for importing various ready-made projects and adding to the software library

– Support for all major MCAD vendors

– Ability to check for final assembly

– Support and import formats created by CircuitWorks software

– Simple user interface similar to MCAD

– Support for smart floater style and model and library

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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