SIGMA Engineering Company SINETZ 2016 v3.8

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SINETZ is one of the software in the SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft suite. Technical and engineering software that allows you to calculate the flow distribution, pressure drop, heat drop in piped networks in static mode. This software has the ability to calculate the level of different cross sections such as round, rectangular and..

How to calculate a piped system in this software is that, this software starts performing various calculations assuming constant current. Flow direction, current intensity, temperature drop and pressure are the elements that this software calculates for you. Also, the dimensions that this software offers you are dimensions that are available in the market.

SINETZ software also performs its calculations according to the set hydraulic standards. Adherence to global standards for calculation makes the computational operations performed by this software face less errors. Also, the dimensions and sizes that this software calculates are in accordance with the standards of global markets.

Features and facilities of SINETZ

  • Accurate calculation of flow direction and flow intensity in a piped hydraulic system
  • Accurate calculation of temperature drop and pressure drop in a piped hydraulic system
  • Calculation of cross-sectional dimensions and insulation dimensions of piped hydraulic system
  • Calculate the dimensions of your hydraulic system pumps
  • Benefit from the analysis system
  • Ability to simulate operational modes to observe and fix possible network problems
  • Possibility to expand your piped hydraulic network

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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