SigmaPlot 14.0 + SYSTAT 13.2 x86 / x64

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SigmaPlot is a completely professional program for charting and data analysis, which is much more powerful than Excel and has more tools. This software is the most effective way to draw graphs for data analysis. Although SigmaPlot is not a chemistry software, it can be very useful for chemistry researchers who deal with charting and data analysis. Of course, all researchers dealing with SigmaPlot data will definitely benefit from it. Civil Engineers – Industry – Agriculture – Statistics – Geology – Physics – Biology – Mathematics and…. And all students and faculty can use SigmaPlot to analyze their data.

Join the more than 100,000 researchers around the world who use SigmaPlot to easily control the details of each chart and make the changes they want, as well as to create many charts that are worth publishing so that the results Clearly present for technical publications, whether for display or for presentation, and use data analysis tools ranging from skillful and intuitive fitting curves to advanced mathematical calculations to gain in-depth insights into your data. Use SigmaStat, a statistical consultant that comes with SigmaPlot, to gain the expertise of a professional statistical consultant. This saves time and avoids statistical errors.

Features and specifications of  SigmaPlot software:

– Quick creation of accurate charts

– Simple visualization of data

– More than 100 types of 2D and 3D effects

– Customize all charts and maps

– Quickly draw your data using ready-made graphic templates

– Publish your high quality maps and charts even on a web page

– Use data analysis tools to perform the calculations you need

– Increase work efficiency with automatic control

– Perform repetitive and complex tasks automatically

– Powerful sigma plot utilizing the capabilities of other software

Installation guide

In the case of SigmaPlot, first install the program with the serial in the text file and then copy and replace the two files in the Crack folder in the program installation location.

Version 14 was installed and successfully cracked on Windows 10, 64-bit version on May 23, 1999.

In the case of Systat, follow the Readme file; Create the System Variable mentioned in the text file by going to the appropriate path in the control panel. Then copy the license file to the software installation location in the App folder.

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Download SigmaPlot_14.0

Download SYSTAT 13.2 x86

Download SYSTAT 13.2 x64

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