Silvaco TCAD 2019 Windows / Linux

Silvaco TCAD 2019 Windows / Linux

Silvaco TCAD is a very powerful software for simulating semiconductor devices and their features. Silvaco company leader in providing  simulation circuit and IC in  Canada  is. The software package of this company includes 5 organized products. Products in groups organized by TCAD analog / mixed-signal / RF, Custom IC CAD modeling the interconnection of CAD  Digital All products are developed  by one company and with each other, so they are fully integrated and coordinated with each other. Silvaco TCAD is also able to simulate the physical characteristics of the tool during the process.

Features and specifications of Silvaco TCAD software:

  • 3D simulator   as well as  creating an outline of the simulator processing including etching and deposition implantation diffusion and oxidation  simulation capabilities   2D and 3D .
  • Simulation process framework Integration of several module simulation processes in user-friendly environment provided by Silvaco TCAD tools .
  • Device Simulator 3D all-purpose using motors meshing Foursquare to resemble the geometry of complex 3D  quickly and accurately .     
  • Simulation  framework device that can be used  to simulate the electrical optical and thermal behavior of a semiconductor device .
  • It has a set of pre- and post- processing tools that  have an interactive environment  based on the graphical user interface before and after processing Silvaco services in 1D and 2D simulations.   
  • Software for performing experiments in the optimization and design of experiments (DOE) is used .
  • Simulation of semiconductor circuits and devices
  • Has a fully integrated environment and coordinates with other software of this company

Installation guide

The PDF file shows how to install the old version, which can also be used for the latest version.

The 2018 version was installed and successfully activated on August 26, 1997 on 64-bit Windows 10; Both Windows and Linux versions of the 2019 version have been tested with the same crack version of the 2018 version by one of the dear users of the site and, as shown in the picture, have been successfully activated.

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Download Silvaco TCAD 2019 x64

Silvaco TCAD 2019 Linux RedHat x64

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 689 MB

Silvaco TCAD 2019 RH64 STR Files

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 1 GB

Download Section 3 – 926 MB

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