SIMetrix SIMPLIS Elite 8.20l x86 / x64

SIMetrix SIMPLIS Elite 8.20l x86 / x64

SIMetrix provides professional circuit design and simulation tools for analog and power electronics engineers. SIMetrix / SIMPLIS is a popular circuit simulation package. This package combines two stand-alone circuit simulators: SIMetrix, a SPICE-based simulator with numerous enhancements including custom models for power transistor devices; And SIMPLIS is a fast simulator that uses approximate linear approximations and includes useful analysis modes for switching power supply circuits. Symmetrics provides a complete development environment for circuit design and testing. It is a schema editor, symbol editor, waveform display and text editors for symmetric scripts and Verilog code, and comes with many visual tools to help you design and experiment.

Features and specifications of SIMetrix software:

  • Fast analog simulation: convergence in difficult circuits, KLU matrix solution, multistage analysis, transient analysis, AC, DC and noise, digital surface gate
  • Monte Carlo analysis: fast calculation, multi-extendable cores, flexible bearing specifications, user-defined distributed functions and histogram display
  • Types of devices: standard SPICE devices, Laplace converter device, diode recovery, nonlinear magnet, transistors for IC design including BSIM4, PSP, etc.
  • Schematic editor: simple component and wire placement, interactive section selector, smart point-to-point wiring, hierarchical designs
  • Waveform display: accurate drawing of simulation data, easy measurement reading
  • Window layout customization, Syntax script highlighting and Verilog editor, direct access to the Command shell script system

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download SIMetrix 8.20a x86

Download SIMetrix 8.20l Update x86

Download SIMetrix 8.20a x64

Download SIMetrix 8.20l Update x64

Download SIMetrix 8.00g x64 with DVM and Verilog for SIMPLIS

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