SimWise 4D 9.7.0 x86 / x64

SimWise 4D 9.7.0 x86 / x64

If you are a design engineer looking for an engineering tool to solve your design problems, reduce errors, save costs, do faster design and also on your products that are in Other CAD software you have designed to work, we will recommend SimWise 4D.

Sim Wise 4D is a tool for advanced design of 3D models. With the help of this software, you will be able to simulate the mass center of the designed product, the size of different components, the action and reaction between the components of the system, the identification of stress and tension caused by movement, as well as the product control system.

When the product design reaches an acceptable level and works properly, it is time to balance the production costs, manufacturing capacity, efficiency and ability of the factory to produce the output. SimWise 4D includes powerful optimization libraries that will continuously optimize the designed components according to the needs and definition of conditions.

SimWise 4D falls into the category of CAD software. At the same time, by providing efficient plug-ins, it is possible to use the output of other CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor SpaceClaim, Geomagic Design. You can also output the designs for other CAD software.

Other features include the possibility of analyzing the durability and wear of parts. It is enough to give the desired parameters to the program to analyze different parts of the design and provide statistical and visual results.

The most important features and capabilities of SimWise 4D:

  • Efficient design with 3D modeling
  • Ability to simulate space motion on three-dimensional designs
  • Suitable grading for working with 3D models
  • Very good interaction with other CAD software
  • Strong and standard optimization system

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

This version was installed on June 31, 1997 in 64-bit Windows 10 and was successfully activated.

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