Sivan Design CivilCAD 2014.1.0.0

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CivilCAD is software for civil and road construction professionals. Relying on the experience of making CAD software for civil engineers around the world, this program has entered the field of competition. International award-winning CivilCAD is successful software for drawing, road, surface and subsurface infrastructure design, as well as tools for pipeline design and planning. This product performs scientific, accurate and intelligent calculations for earthquakes and tries to make disasters such as earthquakes meaningful and understandable so that the results of these analyzes can be used to optimize production. CivilCAD has made it even easier for engineers to integrate design and analytics tools and various tools into a single package, bringing high usability to users.

CivilCAD Features and Features:

  •  Design, analysis and modeling of underground and above ground infrastructure
  • Three-dimensional and easy simulation
  • Ability to send output to AutoCAD software or import CAD drawings
  • One of the most advanced software for designing horizontal blocks, profiles and road walls
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional design of urban roads
  • A range of capabilities related to operation automation
  • Possibility of designing piping and sewage lines (defining the depth of the pipe, the size of the entrance and exit doors and accurate reporting of the required consumables)
  • Scientific and accurate earthquake calculations
  • Calculations in different layers and the possibility of merging results
  • Has a special mechanism for editing and adapting raw files
  • Effective communication with all measuring tools

Installation guide

After installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location and run the program as Run as admin.

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