Skater .Net Obfuscator Ultimate Edition 8.7.20

Skater .Net Obfuscator Ultimate Edition 8.7.20

Skater.Net Obfuscator is a useful tool for obscuring and protecting .NET code. Programmers are always under threat of hackers and crackers breaking into their code and ruining all their efforts. Unfortunately, this problem is much more serious for .NET programmers because .NET assemblies are stored in an assembly-like language called IL, which, despite all the benefits, can be easily compromised by reverse engineering tools if left unprotected. The program’s defense barriers were crossed. It should be noted that absolute security is impossible in the world of business software. We can only make the task of infiltration more difficult!

Skater.Net Obfuscator is a tool that makes it more difficult to penetrate .NET code with various methods and algorithms. This tool disrupts different parts of .NET code in different ways so that crackers can not easily understand the logic of the code and thus prevent early intrusion into our software. In addition to the graphical interface, this product also has a command line version that you can apply obfuscation without having to deal with the graphical environment. Just select the settings you want once in the graphical environment of the program and then use the command line version for other assemblies.

Skater.Net Obfuscator Features and Features:

  •  Prevent intrusion into its reverse engineering code
  • Ability to obscure assemblies, executable files or the entire application together
  • Encrypt the strings used in the code
  • Compatibility with a variety of .NET versions from version 1 to 4.6
  • Protect code against decompilation and opening with programs such as Reflector
  • Confuse class names, methods, fields and…
  • Protect XAML codes
  • Working with both x86 and x64 platforms

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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