SmartDraw 2013 Enterprise

SmartDraw 2013 Enterprise

SmartDraw is a powerful and highly efficient software for creating business graphic designs or Business Graphics with just a few simple clicks that solves the needs of its users much easier and faster compared to other top graphic software in the world. In creating different graphic designs for different themes, in addition to the beauty and connection of the design with the subject, the time factor must also be considered. It may take a long time to create a graphic design in the world’s largest graphics software such as Photoshop and Corel, rather than a dedicated design software for a specific field.
This software has more than 1000 beautifully predefined graphic designs and is suitable for various themes required by business affairs such as broken charts, maps, diagrams, calendars and…. Makes the designer’s work very simple and easy. This software has been reviewed by software critics of various websites and magazines around the world over the years and has been able to attract the attention of most critics.
Using the pre-designed components in SmartDraw, you can easily build organizational charts, office forms, project schedules, planning calendars, sales charts and even building plans. In this software, users can use features such as specialized support for 50 different graphic modes to draw charts and diagrams, drawing by tools and without the need to do manual design just by selecting the desired element, the ability to design building plans using Use the relevant specialized tools, the ability to draw network diagrams, the ability to design training and organizational charts, and so on.

SmartDraw Features:

– Full compatibility with Microsoft Office.

– More than 150 professional samples designed for use in commercial designs

– Ability to draw graphs and charts graphically.

– More than 1000 different designs with the ability to edit and make changes in them

– Ability to organize projects.

– Equipped with various design tools

– Ability to draw 26 diagrams, charts and diagrams and طرح

– Unlimited design environment without borders

– Insert shapes and images in projects.

– Compatible with software included in the Office suite

– Ability to print directly for printing.

– Ability to place shapes and images in projects

– Ability to share documents

– Attractive and simple user interface.

– Ability to adjust the page size

– Ability to use tables in documents

– Ability to use texts in documents

– Awesome user interface

– Very easy to use software

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