SmartInspect Professional for Tokyo 10.2.2

SmartInspect Professional for Tokyo 10.2.2

SmartInspect is an advanced and efficient software for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications. This program with advanced logging and tracking capabilities of the code execution process helps a lot in finding bugs, so that for the problems that users report, suitable solutions can be found, this software gives an accurate picture of your software execution in various environments. . With SmartInspect, software bugs are found faster, programs can be monitored and analyzed in real time, suitable solutions to users’ reported problems can be found, and software systems can be debugged while running.

SmartInspect Features and Features:

  • Advanced and rich logging and tracking (tracking messages, errors, objects, database results, etc.)
  • Advanced log view for better analysis and management
  • Live and efficient logging via TCP or named-pipes
  • Flexible logging files, both text and binary, encrypted and…
  • Advanced filtering and navigation (it is easy to find the necessary information in a large log)
  • Ability to track threads and processes to debug deadlocks and concurrency issues

Installation guide

Copy and paste the patch file into the software installation path.

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