The SmartThings Find app also finds your phone offline

SmartThings Find
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Samsung SmartThings Find application introduced. Thanks to this application, you can find all your lost Galaxy devices without internet.

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new app called SmartThings Find that makes it easier to find your Galaxy phone, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy tablet and Galaxy Airbuds. This application is now available globally for Galaxy products. The Korean giant has also released a software update for its services on Galaxy phones and tablets running Android 8 and later on the Galaxy Watch running Tizen 5.5 and later on the Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live.

How does Samsung’s SmartThings Find app work?

The app uses low-power Bluetooth (BLE) and ultra-broadband technologies to find your Galaxy device. Maps and sound also guide you to find the device. Samsung says the device can generate a BLE signal for 30 minutes, which is received by other devices. You can use Samsung’s new app to send this signal to lost Galaxy devices around. When your device receives the signal, the location service is activated, then the Samsung server will notify you.

You can choose to pick up the alarm when you approach the device, or use the augmented reality search option to mark you with graphic colors as you approach the device you are looking for. Of course, do not worry, the location of the user device is displayed only for himself and his data is encrypted and protected.

Samsung wants to expand such a solution by introducing tracking tags. So you can find other missing devices in the future using Samsung tracking tags in addition to Galaxy devices.

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