Samsung and Apple’s next smartwatch will be equipped with a blood sugar sensor


Samsung and Apple’s next smartwatch

According to South Korean media, the next generation of smartwatches from Samsung and Apple will be equipped with blood sugar sensors.

According to South Korea’s ET News, Samsung and Apple are both working on a blood sugar sensor for their new smartwatches. With the help of this feature, users can, in addition to the previous factors, also monitor and monitor the level of sugar in their blood.

This report further emphasizes Samsung, which is set to introduce 3 new smartwatches at its second Unpack event this year. The event, which is expected to take place in the second half of 2021, will probably not be limited to new watches, and will also introduce Samsung’s new flexible smartphone.

Ability to measure blood sugar in the Galaxy Watch 4 – Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch Active 3 – Galaxy Watch Active 3 will be present. Of course, these names were chosen based on Samsung’s history in naming its watches, and their official names have not yet been announced or confirmed by the Korean giant.

In this technology, optical sensors are able to measure blood glucose levels (blood sugar); A feature that is extremely useful for people with diabetes. Normal glucose monitors on the market need to take a sample of blood and estimate a person’s blood sugar. Samsung’s new watch feature eliminates the need for daily, albeit small, blood draws.

Samsung uses the Raman spectroscopy technique to measure blood sugar, a joint study by Samsung and MIT. In this method, the optical sensors of the clock measure the information about the wavelength caused by the vibration of the materials in the blood that is obtained by the scattering of the laser beam on them. Achieving high signal accuracy is the result of this common research.

Samsung introduced the electrocardiogram (ECG) feature on the Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple on the Apple Watch 6 . The accuracy and capability of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 as well as the Apple Watch 4’s sensor and algorithm are so accurate and reliable that they have received FDA approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. Of course, the two companies received approval from government authorities before installing such a feature in their watches, as ECG measurement is a medical technology.

The two competitors are expected to receive the necessary approvals from their respective government agencies for blood glucose sensors before launching the next generation of their next generation smartwatches and then mass-produce them in their products.

Not to mention that Samsung has recently received the CE mark for ECG capability and blood pressure measurement from its health monitoring program called Samsung’s Health Monitor. This mark indicates the compliance of a product with health, safety and environmental protection standards for sale in the European Economic Area. Of course, this mark is not unique to Europe, and for goods sold outside the continent, it also proves that they have the above approvals from European standardization bodies.

Previously, ECG and blood pressure capabilities were only available in South Korea and the United States, but thanks to European approval, users in 27 ECO countries plus Chile, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates can now Take advantage of these services to help your smartwatch. A new update to Samsung’s Health Monitor will be released on February 4, following a gradual release schedule.

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