SMExport Suite 5.0 b52 / SMImport Suite 3.0 b48

SMExport And SMImport is a set of useful components for converting Delphi VCL and C ++ Builder control data to other data formats. You may use various data hosting controls in your application, such as VCL controls such as TDataSet / TDBGrid / TStringGrid / TListView, etc., all of which contain information that in some cases requires you to convert this data to other formats. Types such as Paradox, DBase tables or text formats such as HTML, XML, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, MS Access, SQL-script, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, SYLK, DIF, LDAP DIF or even files Plain text in which data is separated by symbols such as semicolon or hyphen. You will be able to do this easily by using the components of this collection.

One of the features of this product is the conversion of peripheral data types such as column widths, colors, fonts or selected records, and converts all types of these attributes as much as possible. All components of this set, after successful data conversion, have the ability to email the result or automatically open the result with the associated program. For example, you can set after converting the data of a table to send the result to an email and also open the Excel output in Excel.

SMExport And SMImport also includes step-by-step wizards that can be shown to the end users of the program for more flexibility so that they can choose the format they want to convert. These wizards are fully coded and will not require many changes. With the help of these wizards, users of your program can get the desired output by selecting the destination format with a few simple clicks. Just like exporting data, it can also reverse load and use data from a variety of formats into VCL controls.

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Download SMExport Suite 5.0 (b52) for Delphi 10.3 Rio

Download SMExport Suite 5.0

Download SMExport Suite 4.99b


Download SMImport Suite 3.0 (b48) for Delphi 10 -Delphi 10.3 Rio

Download SMImport_Suite_2.87 XE3 XE4

Download SMImport Suite 2.73b

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