Sniper Warfare Assassin 3D 1.0.3 for Android +2.3

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Sniper Warfare Assassin 3D is a very attractive sniper game in which you must use your weapons to destroy terrorists in the Open World environment of the game. This game has different weapons, each of which has a different design and Also, their shooting power, accuracy and range are different. The number of weapons is also large and you can upgrade them. Enemy AI is very high in Sniper Warfare Assassin 3D and they react differently. This game with the help of its attractive 3D graphics and its real physics can bring you hours of entertainment and challenge.

Features of Sniper Warfare Assassin 3D:

– Has 20 completely different environments for shooting with a camera gun with many challenges
– Has upgradable or buyable
guns – Has 5 semi-automatic guns with different shooting power and penetration and accuracy to each other
– Has 5 camera guns Different wood with different range and power
– Has a very attractive gameplay and strong enemies in terms of artificial intelligence
– Has a separate camera angle to head shot enemies
– Has an open environment to destroy terrorist groups
– Has a beautiful 3D graphics with physics Oriental

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