Softgroup .Net Forms Resize

Softgroup .Net Forms Resize

Softgroup .Net Forms Resize is the name of a very useful component for resizing software for developers. The component in front of you is fast, small and very light. Using this component can be very useful and practical for developers and programmers. With this component you will be able to automatically resize all the controls and fonts in the .NET form of various Windows software.

Using this component is very simple. To use this component, you only need to add this component through the Toolbox window of Microsoft Visual Studio software. With this component, you developers and programmers will no longer need to write long and time consuming code. With this component, your speed will increase in a special way.

Features of Softgroup .Net Forms Resize

  • Benefit and use of fast, small and accurate resizing engine
  • Enjoy a very professional look and build
  • With this component, you do not need to write code
  • Full support for standard Windows form: MDI child and MDI parent
  • Maintains font / size ratio control whenever forms are resized
  • Pre-written codes can be easily accessed with just one line of code
  • You can save and retrieve the latest size and position of your form
  • Ability to control resizing such as ToolStrip and StatusStrip

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Softgroup_.Net_Forms_Resize_9.1.0.0

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