SoftPerfect NetWorx 6.2.8 + Portable

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NetWorx is one of those programs that provides you with a lot of features with a simple user interface. You can see the traffic consumed hourly, daily, weekly, at a specific time interval and.. You can see the amount of downloads and uploads on the network connectors live. You can identify suspicious consumers. The information is displayed in the form of graphic charts that at a glance it is possible to compare the consumed traffic during different times. With this program, every consumer on your line is under your control. Nothing is hidden from the sharp eyes of this program. We recommend that you install this program on your system to control Internet traffic.

Features of SoftPerfect NetWorx:

  •  Display of consumed traffic in different time periods (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly with the possibility of comparison)
  • Display information in the form of graphic charts and clear and understandable charts
  • Monitor all downloads and uploads
  • Supports all types of internet connections including dial-up, ADSL, ISDN and…
  • Contains network information tools
  • Simple user interface without the need for training
  • Ability to set time and volume ceilings for users

Download SoftPerfect NetWorx_6.2.8 Multilingual

Download SoftPerfect_NetWorx_6.2.8_Multilingual_Portable

Download SoftPerfect NetWorx_5.5.5.16322

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