Solve Android phone that cannot be charged by few tricks
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Solve Android phone that cannot be charged by few tricks

If the Android phone charges late or does not charge at all, solve the problem yourself

One of the problems that almost all Android phone owners have experienced is not charging. In this article, we will explain a few different methods that can help you solve the problem of your Android phone not charging.

Although having an Android phone that has a problem charging is painful, but even worse is finding the reason why the phone does not charge . As a phone owner, you need to know if your Android phone is charging when the charger is connected , or if it is charging slowly , or if it is charging but does not show it. So when the Android phone is not charging, there are many things to consider.

Therefore, if the Android phone battery does not charge properly , do not quickly conclude that the phone charger is broken or the battery is out of order. Since many factors play a role in the phone not charging , the solutions available depend on the type of problem.

How to fix the problem of Android phone not charging

How to fix the problem of Android phone not charging

1- Reconnect the power cable

Reconnect the power cord

The problem of not charging the Android phone may be related to the power socket or charger. So if android phone you charge not remove the power cord and again. Check if the phone is charging or not. If the phone does not charge , go to the next method.

2. Check the cable

Undoubtedly, one of the most vulnerable parts of a charger, no matter if it is a laptop charger or a phone , is its cable. These cables are made to be flexible, but the constant use of cables can cause them to break after a while. If you are using a USB cable to charge your Android phone , check the cable for physical problems. If the cable is physically damaged, use another USB cable to charge your Android phone .

3- Check the phone’s charging adapter

Check the phone's charging adapter

The next thing to check is the charger adapter. Many of the problems you see with slow charging are related to the adapter. Charging adapters usually have a very short lifespan, and a short circuit is one of their biggest drawbacks. To check the charging adapter , disconnect it from the cable and look for physical damage. If you are not physically injured, look for a burn odor around it. If you find anything, the adapter must be damaged.

4. Use another electrical outlet

 Use another electrical outlet

 Sometimes neither your Android phone nor its charger has a problem. Therefore, before making any decision, check the electrical outlet for damage. If there is electrical damage, you will notice the smell of burns around the power outlet. You can use both another socket and a laptop to find out if the problem is with the phone or its charger.

5- Check the USB socket

If you come to the conclusion that the charger and the power supply are working properly, you will enter the technical part of the case. Due to the fact that the phone’s charging port is always exposed to dust, it becomes contaminated over time and collects dirt. So you must constantly clean the charging port of your Android phone .

Now let’s look at it from a technical point of view. If you take a closer look at the charging port , you’ll see a small metal connector on the USB port. Sometimes the metal connector may bend and it may not be able to make full contact with the charging cable .

6- Check the battery

Check the battery

Most Android phones on the market now come with a non-removable battery. However, there are also Android phones whose batteries can be removed. Therefore, be sure to check the battery and see if it is inflated. If the battery is swollen, you should seek replacement. About those phone for Android that battery is removed to check the edges of the screen. If the display is above the edges, it means that the battery is swollen and damaged.