How to solve the problem of not formatting the SD card in Android?

SD card

If you can not format the SD card with your Android phone, use the following solutions

SD memory cards and drives are portable storage devices that are often used to transfer and store files. But portable devices like USB flash drives and SD cards are very vulnerable. The error message “Android can not format SD card” is one of the things that Android users encounter. But how can this problem be solved?

When you encounter this error, it means that your SD card hardware is on the verge of crashing and malfunctioning. Another cause of this problem is when the SD card is formatted with an unrecognizable system file .

How to fix the “Android can not format SD card” error?

Whatever the cause of this problem, in this paper a great solution to solve the problem ” Android does SD card to format the” we provide.

1- Restart Android

Restart Android

If you are an Android user, you must know that sometimes a simple restart can solve many Android problems . Sometimes, some apps or processes stored on the SD card are loaded in the background and do not allow Android to format the SD card . So, before doing anything else , restart your Android device so that the problem of not formatting the SD card by Android may be solved.

2- Format the memory card using a computer

If you can not format your memory card via Android , use a computer. Formatting USB devices or SD cards with a computer is very simple.

Step 1 – Using the card reader, connect the SD memory card to the computer. You can even connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable. Note that the SD card must appear on the computer before you can proceed.

 Format the memory card using a computer

Step 2 – After the SD card successfully appears in My Computer, right-click on it and select “Format”.

Step 3 – After that, the format window is displayed on the screen. There are several options to choose from. From the available panel, place the file system on “FAT 32” and click the “Format” button at the bottom of the panel.

 Format the memory card using a computer

Windows now tries to SD card to format , and most likely simply SD card to format said. If, at worst, Windows fails to format the SD card, you can still use it.

3- Remove the burn protection

Copyright Protection or protect one of the things that may cause Android to be able to formats Carden SD card is not. If this happens, you need to remove the write protection mode from the SD card . You must use the command prompt for this purpose.

Step 1 – First connect the SD card to the computer and open the CMD. To open CMD, click Start and select CMD. Now on the command prompt, type ‘Diskpart’ and press Enter.

Remove burn protection

Step 2 – Now type ‘list disk’.

Remove burn protection

Step 3 – In this section you will see the storage device connected to the device. Select the disk number for the SD card . Then, type ‘select disk 1’ (enter the SD card number instead of Disk 1).

Remove burn protection

Step 4 – In the last step, type ‘attributes disk clear readonly’.

Remove burn protection

the whole! Now in the command prompt, type the command “exit”. You should then be able to format the SD card on both Android and Windows PCs.

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