Sony CMOS IMX661 127-megapixel camera sensor introduced
Sony CMOS IMX661

Sony CMOS IMX661 127-megapixel camera sensor introduced

Sony CMOS IMX661

Sony CMOS IMX661 127-megapixel camera sensor unveiled with attractive promises. This sensor can improve the camera performance of smartphones.

There is an increasing need for quality camera sensors that can be used in commercial products that require a higher number of pixels than current image sensors. With the introduction of its new CMOS image sensor, which solves many of the problems and limitations of current sensors in terms of the number of pixels, Sony has shown that it wants to be effective in this area. In this regard, Sony’s 127-megapixel camera sensor with an exact pixel count of 12.7.68 megapixels, called IMX661, was officially unveiled.

Sony’s new effort is expected to bring significant changes to the industry to make camera sensors work better. Sony says the technology, which uses Pregius pixel shutter technology, enables the CMOS IMX661 camera sensor to process high-speed images almost four times faster than current technologies. The color as well as the black and white version of this image sensor is expected to reach mass production between April and May 2021.

The image sensor includes a set of signal processing features that make it an obvious choice in various products. Various capabilities allow the device to be easily used in various scenes that are difficult to access.

Sony CMOS IMX661 127-megapixel camera sensor

The IMX661 CMOS sensor is the result of the dedicated and dedicated efforts of Sony’s R&D team. This R&D unit has performed very well in the ideation and design of this innovative technology and can well fill the large gap that currently exists in the world of mobile cameras. There are very good predictions about this sensor, Sony has already received the production order for it and will provide the parts to the manufacturers from April.

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