Sony controller shows a gamepad with a banana-like appearance!

Sony controller
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The newly released Sony controller design shows a game console that is solvent-shaped and looks very much like a banana.


Sometimes before the release of a new gadget that is going to be released in the future, we may see the release of designs that may indicate the overall shape and appearance of the device. However, it is always possible for such a design to become a final product or to be modified.

Recently, however, a new image was released by Sony showing a banana-like game.

Sony controller design

Sony controller design

Anyway, with the release of DualSense with the PlayStation 5 right now, Sony may be offering the best gaming controller in history, but aside from the weirdness of the design, it’s interesting to know what the accompanying text says. .

It is very important that the user can use a controller dedicated to the game console, cheaply, simply and without the need for advanced technology. The purpose of this plan is to eliminate some of the problems mentioned by removing or at least replacing them.

First of all, you need to know that the problem here is that the controllers are expensive due to the constant use of batteries and electricity, features such as heptic feedback, and finally the speaker and microphone inside. But why are such cases, which are known as advances in the construction of a game controller, considered a problem here?

The answer to this question is given in the text itself; That means Sony aims to make a simple controller that will be very inexpensive. However, it is interesting to know that the above patent does not show a controller with a banana design, but it shows the banana fruit itself, which you can use as a controller!

Of course, in Sony’s controller design, the answer is not just a banana, but any other object that you think can be used as a game controller can be simulated by a camera. This way you hold the camera (virtual reality headset) towards it and then you can place your desired buttons on it to use for gaming. Also, if you drop the object, your game will stop.

This technology uses pixel and color recognition instead of QR codes to identify the object in the augmented reality world. Then confirm the location of the button on it and it will start working. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is not always possible for a plan to come true and it changes most of the time.

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