Sony small phone called Xperia S2

Xperia S2
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Xperia S2

A report shows that Sony is launching the compact Xperia Ace 2 as the Japanese version of the Xperia Compact.

Recently, renderings of Sony’s compact phone have been released, according to these renderings, Sony’s new phone will use a 5.5-inch screen and a dual camera. According to the information released, Sony’s new device will not be too small and will actually be a mid-range phone. If the company wants to introduce a compact device, it must use the hardware of the flagship phones.

Xperia Ace 2 - Xperia Ace 2

A report released by AndroidNext confirms that the phone will not be too small. In addition, information about this phone has been published in the Weibo app, and according to it, this 5.5-inch smartphone from Sony will not have a global version. According to this issue and the rumors, the company’s compact phone called Xperia Ace 2 will be available only in Japan.

Xperia Ace 2 - Xperia Ace 2

Information released on Weibo confirms that the Xperia S2 will actually replace the Xperia Ace and will be available under the Telecom version of Docomo in Japan.

According to a report released by AndroidNext, this phone will probably be introduced with 5G network support. It is also said that Sony’s small phone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 690 processor and will use a 5.5-inch screen (with notch). It should be noted that the Xperia Ace 2 is expected to support the side fingerprint sensor (integrated with the power button), the 3.5 mm jack and the camera button.

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