Speccy Technician 1.32.803

Speccy Technician 1.32.803


Speccy is a useful software for displaying information about your system hardware. On the first page, the program reports a summary of the system hardware, which you can view its complete and detailed information by clicking on each hardware separately.

If you want the type of processor, the technology used in it, RAM technology, Whether it is DDR3 or DDR4 if you want to know if your hard drive is SATA type or SSD if it is SATA, how many versions, how many slots do you have on the motherboard, how many PCI Express slides do you have. Are you using onboard graphics or have a discrete graphics card, what is its brand, what is the current bios version, and much other similar information.

This program provides all this information in a tree-like and orderly manner. In the parts that are necessary, the desired links are provided. For example, in the BIOS section, you can visit the manufacturer’s website by clicking on the relevant link and get the latest version of the BIOS. For other hardware, you can visit the website by clicking on the manufacturer and downloading the latest drivers.

Maybe using Speccy on a system that we have assembled ourselves is not very effective – which it is, but if we intend to repair a system and want to see the specifications of the system parts without opening the system or referring to the catalogs, this program is very efficient. And it will be worth it. Another use of this program is when we want to prepare a list of parts for some reason. In these cases, typing every single piece of information is a tedious task and prone to errors. But here, with one click, we can output all the information regularly and in different formats and share it with others if needed.

required system 

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
32-bit program. Can run on both a 32-bit and 64-bit OS.




Installation guide

Use the Keygen in the Crack folder to register the software.

! The Technician edition is the most complete edition of the software.

download link

Download Speccy Technician 1.32.803 Multilingual
Download Speccy Technician 1.32.740 Portable
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