special version of the Power Bates Pro wireless headphones

Power Bates Pro

Power Bates Pro wireless headphones

As the owner of Bates, Apple has recently introduced a special version of the Power Bates Pro wireless headphones.

The special edition of the Power Beats Pro wireless headphones – Powerbeats Pro is the result of the American Bates collaboration with the Japanese brand Fragment Design. The two companies already have a history of working together in their portfolio.

Power Bates Pro

Hiroshi Fujiwara and a special edition of the Power Bates Pro headphones

The design of these new headphones is based on the thinking and principles of Fragment and its Japanese creator, Hiroshi Fujiwara, who is a Japanese musician and fashion designer, and has a simple yet eye-catching appearance. Apple-specific headphones are available in ivory white, navy blue, ice blue (polar ice cream), cloudy pink, melt red, and black.

The logo of two lightning rods, which belongs to the Fragment Design brand, can be seen on one of the phones, and the other phone is decorated with the phrase FRGMT. On the charging and storage box of the phones, we see the logo of two lightning bolts and a set of stickers again.

Power Bates Pro

Apple H1

The special edition of the Power Bates Pro wireless headphones has an ergonomic design and its beating heart is the exclusive Apple H1 chip . These chips were specially designed for headphones and were first used in 2019 in AirPads of the same year. The new acoustic structure of the headphones allows the output sound to have balanced power and sound effects. Reproduction of high quality and clearer sound along with improved dynamic range are other features of these special headphones.

Power Bates Pro

Each phone has a slip-resistant hook and 4 series in different dimensions to fit snugly in the ear. The volume control and music control keys are also located on the left and right earphones. The headphones are also equipped with a play / stop sensor that detects whether the headphones are inside the ear. The Power Bates Pro has a microphone and the user can also make calls with it.

The Bluetooth technology used in these headphones is class 1, which increases the range and reduces signal loss. It can also use Siri Smart Assistant to connect headphones to the iPhone with just the push of a button.

Power Bates Pro

The battery life of these headphones with a full charge is 9, which can reach 24 hours if you have a charging box; The charging box itself has an internal battery that is charged when connected to the charger and can then be used to charge phones. With a 5-minute charge, the headphones play music for 1.5 hours, and if the charging time is increased to 15 minutes, the battery life will be 4.5 hours.

The new headphones are priced at 1,888 yuan ($ 291) in China and will be available January 29.

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