SpeedyFox Win / 2.0.28 macOS

SpeedyFox , the name of a very useful software that strengthens your computer browsers. Using this software, you will be able to enhance all browsers with the familiar name of Windows and macOS. With this software, your browsers will be faster than before. This software, as a small but successful tool, optimizes the existing browsers and makes the working conditions easier for you than before, and you will enjoy working with your browsers more than before. By installing this software and activating this software, you will experience a new experience in your browsers. Your browser speed will increase significantly.

With SpeedyFox you will be able to boost browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Skype and Thunderbird و. This software with its smart features can optimize its supported software in a very special way. You will also be able to select and optimize the software you want to optimize. This software will put the required information, speed and quality of browser use in the best possible way.

Features of SpeedyFox:

  • Significantly enhance the speed and quality of your Windows and macOS browsers
  • Significant optimization of various software to increase performance speed
  • Very simple user interface that makes working with this software very simple
  • Ability to select the software you want to choose
  • Software optimization such as Firefox, Chrome, Skype and Thunderbird 

Installation guide

This application is free.

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Download SpeedyFox_2.0.29.150_Win

Download SpeedyFox_2.0.28_macOS

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