SPI SheetMetalWorks 2019.0 x64 for SOLIDWORKS

SPI SheetMetalWorks 2019.0 x64 for SOLIDWORKS

SheetMetalWorks is an efficient and useful product for performing worksheet operations in a solidwork environment. This program, which is actually added as a plug-in to the SolidWorks software environment, provides you with all the necessary facilities and capabilities for worksheets related to worksheets and design of related components. Using several different software for specialized tasks, although it is the right choice, but the disadvantage is that using several programs requires learning them. You may not have the opportunity to learn several separate programs, in which case the use of plugins that are added to the software environment you want becomes an important choice.

SolidWorks software, as one of the most powerful programs in the field of mechanics, hosts many plugins, and SPI GmbH has also provided its worksheet plugin for this environment. Using this plugin, it is possible to design the most complex worksheet projects with the least amount of expertise and in the shortest possible time in SolidWorks software. In this plugin, there are different libraries for handling components including one piece or several different pieces with their changes, which of course can be expanded.

Using this library, you can connect, shape, and manage changes to different components in a variety of ways. At each stage of the project, you can parametrically apply the desired changes and see the impact of these changes live on other parts. The program is able to automatically change the structure of the parts and guide you to optimize the structure. With the help of this plugin, the worksheets of the project will be accelerated and the accuracy of the calculations will be higher.

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