Spicelogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control

Spicelogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control

If you are looking for a professional HTML editor control to replace the current controls, we recommend WinForms HTML Editor Control. This product will be a great and wonderful offer for you.  You can
use WinForms HTML Editor Control as a windows forms editor. WinForm HTML Editor Control is easy to implement and has a beautiful design similar to Word software. The windows form HTML editor can download your HTML or Word document and provide you with optimal XHTML.
This product supports hundreds of properties, methods and class events. If you want to provide a unique user experience, you can use this editor.

Features of WinForm HTML Editor Control

  • No coding is required to provide spell-checker to its users. This feature supports Office and NetSpell dictionaries. The NHunspell and NetSpell dictionaries are set to English (US) dictionaries and do not need to specify file paths for this US (US) dictionary.
  • You can quickly switch between three defined modes:
    mode – HTML text editing mode – Preview mode
  • Has a fully customizable context menu with source code
  • Has fully customizable dialogs with source code
  • Has a fully customizable context menu with source code
  • Ability to paste content from MS Word software: This control can paste content from the clipboard and almost preserve the appearance of MS Word software. The pasteed content is converted to XHTML with a nice look and no more ugly MS Word tags.
  • Support for relative URLs including image source, hyperlinks and…
  • And many more features…

Installation guide

Use the Readme.txt file and the program help file to install and use the program.

download link

Download the WinForms_HTML_Editor_Control_7.4.11.0 section

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