Sprint Layout 6.0

Sprint Layout 6.0

Sprint-Layout is a software for designing printed circuits (PCBs) that has many applications in the field of electronics. Using this software, you can easily and quickly design the circuits you want, Sprint-Layout according to many users And the growing popularity of software is good for this. The logical and understandable structure of this software makes engineers focus on circuit design instead of getting involved with the software. You can design your desired circuit very quickly and do not worry about any restrictions, you are as comfortable here as you are on paper. . This software covers all the needs of PCB design and also has a large number of useful functions for designing circuits. In addition, there is an expandable library of common components that enhances the program’s performance. The boards you designed can be easily output to GERBER and EXCELLON, which are supported by almost all well-known PCB manufacturers. It is also possible to output HPGL files for CNC machines.

Sprint-Layout Features and Features:

  • Benefit from a rich component library including custom components, SMD and…
  • Anti-Aliasing capability to improve the appearance of component edges even in zoom mode
  • Sticky and smart grid for comfortable placement of components on the design board
  • Effective management of components and the ability to display a list of components and their information
  • Possibility of free rotation of components in desired directions
  • Automatic sorting of components to save maximum range and required materials
  • Ability to display the board in a state similar to factory output for better inspection
  • Test capability, for example, click on any part, the software displays all connected parts and paths in highlight
  • Automatic connection and routing between different components
  • High accuracy and resolution for designing any type of circuit, for example, it is possible to define a network of points at a distance of 1 micrometer.
  • Manage different layers
  • Ability to work with multiple boards simultaneously and save in one file
  • Profile panel to facilitate component profile editing
  • Ability to check design rules (DRC) and display existing errors
  • Ability to print circuits
  • Different outputs
  • Lay format support

Installation guide

This version is free and without restrictions.

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