SprutCAM 2007

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SprutCAM is a powerful 3D CAM software package for multi-purpose and multi-axis route design that is reasonably priced with over 30 unique machining strategies, 4-axis program support, advanced route simulation and more. Be. SprutCAM gives you the programming ability to realize your full PCNC production potential. SprutCAM for PCNC is a very powerful programming software available that is cheaper than comparable CAM packages on the market. Tormach is a fully licensed SprutCAM distributor and helps you make the most of your CAM investment.

SprutCAM Features and Features:

  • Four-axis indexing and programming: SprutCAM can generate toolbars for both four-axis indexing and programming, allowing you to create complex applications for applications such as master keys, wheels Create 360-degree gears and gears without having to rotate and reinstall parts.
  • Lathe: Comes with SprutCAM, a powerful lathe module for programming lubrication, finishing, splitting, facing, drilling, pouring and drilling operations.
  • Definition of parametric cutting tools: This software supports 15 different geometric shapes of cutting tools, each of which is fully customizable with a specific list of parameters.
  • Custom Design Options : SprutCAM includes a number of advanced programming strategies. These strategies include prototyping internal guidance / external guidance for tool entry and exit, multiple tool rotation options, split machining, ramping, smoothing in and out corners, and more.

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