SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.2 Development Suite x64

SQL Navigator for Oracle 7.2 Development Suite x64

Sql Navigator is a professional tool for writing code better and faster . It provides high-quality applications with the ability to write, read, edit and maintain database objects through automation and a graphical user interface. The above software is available in 4 editions called SQLNavigator Base Edition, SQL Navigator Professional Edition, SQL Navigator Xpert Edition and Developer Edition.

Features and Sql Navigator Features:

  • Code road map: Highlights the complex dependence of PL / SQL code on the database
  • Team coding: Helps you maintain code integration and integration with version control
  • ER diagram: Enables you to model a table and view dependencies and join other tables
  • Determine software quality, repeat test tests, reduce errors, reduce maintenance efforts, find software changes, and identify code using industry-leading metrics and test coverage techniques
  • SQL Optimizer for Oracle: Oracle Database Development Solution and SQL Optimization Ability to Integrate SQL Navigator Xpert Edition Edition Enhances Smart Recommendations, SQL Document Scanning, and List Optimization

Installation guide

See the Serial.txt file.

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