SQL Sentry Performance Advisor x86 / x64

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SQL Sentry Performance Advisor Features and Features:

  • Virtualization support for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Clear dashboard and overview
  • Set Query Analysis
  • Real-time historical statistics
  • Lines to track performance trends
  • Instant detail for high impact and long running statement
  • Block and interrupt capture and parsing
  • Constant management and supervision
  • Configure SQL Server Performance Report
  • Secure access via browser, tablet or mobile device
  • Download, Backup and Restore: Performance information for both historical processes and events
  • Distributed Queries: Display details provided of any live and historical requests and related request steps
  • Motion Information Dashboard: Display Active Motion Activity, Key Performance Criteria for CPU, elapsed time, processing rows
  • Services and process level metrics: Processes and services correlate and track historical performance
  • CPU group and NUMA support: Display CPU group and NUMA details for large scale environments
  • Monitor sql server on virtual machines running in the cloud or behind a firewall
  • View virtualization information on the dashboard including VM hosting, memory and processor

Download SQL_Sentry Performance Advisor x86

Download SQL_Sentry Performance Advisor x64

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