SQLDirect 6.5.1 for D5-XE10.2

SQLDirect 6.5.1 for D5-XE10.2

SQLDirect is a library of components for connecting Delphi applications to SQL databases. This library is actually a lightweight database engine and an alternative to the default advanced engines Borland / CodeGear / Embarcadero Delphi v.5 – 10, 2010, XE-XE10 and C ++ Builder v.5 – 2010, XE-XE10. SQLDirect will use the Delphi native interface to connect to SQL databases and will be familiar with programming. List of databases supported by this library:

  • IBM DB2 Universal Database
  • Informix Server
  • Interbase / Firebird Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL Server
  • Oracle Database Server
  • PostgreSQL Server
  • SQLite Database
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and Adaptive Server Anywhere
  • Unify (Centura, Gupta) SQLBase Server
  • ODBC datasources
  • OLEDB datasources

SQLDirect Features and Features:

  •  Easy installation and configuration
  • Ability to access supported databases simultaneously
  • Ability to edit query results
  • Support for macros with queries
  • Table component
  • Multi-thread security
  • Support for BLOB fields (including LOB and BFILE for Oracle 8)
  • Support for stored procedures
  • Use cache to speed up downloads and display results
  • Filtering records
  • Support for data components
  • InfoPower support

Installation guide

Use the password in the Password.txt file to install the program.

download link

Download SqlDirect_6.5.1_for_D5-XE10.2_Tokyo

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