SQLDirect 6.5.2 Source (Alexandria Adapted) + 6.5.1 for D5-XE10.2

SQLDirect 6.5.2 Source (Alexandria Adapted) + 6.5.1 for D5-XE10.2


SQLDirect is a library of components for connecting Delphi applications to SQL databases. This library is actually a lightweight database engine and an alternative to the default advanced engines Borland / CodeGear / Embarcadero Delphi v.5 – 10, 2010, XE-XE10 and C ++ Builder v.5 – 2010, XE-XE10. SQLDirect uses the native Delphi interface to connect to SQL databases, and the coder will be familiar to the programmer. List of databases supported by this library:

  • IBM DB2 Universal Database
  • Informix Server
  • Interbase / Firebird Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL Server
  • Oracle Database Server
  • PostgreSQL Server
  • SQLite Database
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and Adaptive Server Anywhere
  • Unify (Centura, Gupta) SQLBase Server
  • ODBC data sources
  • OLEDB data sources

SQLDirect Features:

  •  Easy installation and configuration
  • Ability to simultaneously access supported databases
  • Ability to edit query results
  • Support for macros with queries
  • Table component
  • Multi-thread security
  • Support for BLOB fields (including LOB and BFILE for Oracle 8)
  • Support for stored procedures
  • Use cache to speed up downloads and display results
  • Filtering records
  • Support for data components
  • InfoPower support
  • And …

required system

Below you can find the required files to install SQLBase Server on the Win32 platform (Windows95 / 98 or Windows NT).

File Name Description
Dbnt1sv.exe or Dbnt? Sv.exe SQLBase engine for Win32 (Window95, 98, NT), where ‘?’ is the user license for the server.
Start.DBS Template database. It is necessary to create a new database.
Sql.ini Configuration file for the server
Message.sql Message constants and description
Error.sql Error number and description
Country.sql Country settings for foreign languages ​​(not default-English)
Communication DLL See description of the required DLL in Sql.ini.The most frequently used 32-bit communication libraries:

  • Sqlapipe.dll – using Anonymous Pipes for local server
  • Sqlws32.dll – using TCP / IP
  • Sqlspx32.dll – using IPX / SPX (Win32 Novell Client)
  • Sqlwsspx.dll – using IPX / SPX (Win32 Microsoft Client)

It is desirable to place all files in one directory. Then you need to tune a server configuration, ie to set up server name, country (if you do not use default setting), communication protocol, and other required settings.

The most important Sql.ini-sections for 1-User SQLBase Win32 database server are shown below.

servername = SRV1, sqlws32
cache = 2000
sortcache = 2000
; database path
dbdir = C: Centura
dbname = TEST, sqlws32

comdll = sqlws32

These lines contain the following information. The SRV1 server is configured for TCP / IP protocol and has database files in the C: Centura directory. Now the server has an installed database TEST.

For more detailed information about server configuring and SQL. ini-keywords see Centura SQLBase Books (SQLBase Database Administrator’s Guide).




Installation guide

Use the password in the Password.txt file to install the program.

download link

Download SQLDirect 6.5.2 Source (Adapted to Alexandria)
Download SqlDirect_6.5.1_for_D5-XE10.2_Tokyo
file password link
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